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Stay Well With Shell
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Benefits of Hemp/Cbd Oil


What do you want to improve about your health?  The benefits of hemp oil have been recognized for thousands of years.  There have been over 20,000 clinical studies done on hemp/cbd oil that have demonstrated the amazing health benefits of this all natural plant based supplement!  Give it a try!  Read below for more details on this amazing natural product.

The Gold Standard in Hemp/Cbd Oil

Do you want to improve anything about your health?  Do you or anyone you know have pain, anxiety, stress, seizures, ADHD, migraines, insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, inflammation, movement disorders?  Try full-spectrum hemp oil now!

Not all hemp oil is created equal.  Zilis Ultracell Hemp Oil (the gold standard) & Pur 7 Hemp Oil are full spectrum, cannabinoid rich, water soluble hemp oils with amazing benefits!  We are the GOLD STANDARD in the hemp oil industry!




  7 Day Challenge


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take the challenge!

You have nothing to lose and much to gain!  Try either Ultracell or Pur 7 Hemp Oil for 7 days and see what happens! Change nothing else about your lifestyle.....just take the oil every day for 7 days and experience for yourself the amazing results!  

**Some inividuals have found that it takes longer than 7 days to really get a good effect from the product and prefer to start with the 30 ml bottle to have a longer time to evaluate the benefit.**

How to take the 7 Day Challenge: Purchase the trial (mini) bottle and take 1 dropper full (when using the UltraCell Hemp) or 1 capful (when using the "7" Hemp) 1x daily.  Place it under the tongue for 30-45 seconds and swallow the rest.  It is that simple!  Then when you see the results come back here and buy the bigger 30 ml bottle. Dose needed is very may need less or a little more. Take the amount that helps alleviate your symptoms.

Directions for maintenance dosing: Dose needed is very individual. Start by taking a dropper full (1 ml) 1x may need less or a little more. Some people get best results when they dose 2x daily. Experiment with the dosing and take the amount that helps alleviate your symptoms.

Our Products!

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The Best Quality Hemp/Cbd Oils You Can Buy!


All of our amazing hemp oils contain:






Omega Fatty Acids

Ultracell hemp/cbd oil

(The Gold Standard)



Pur 7 Hemp/cbd Oil                                  

  • USDA Certified Organically Sourced
  • 500 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Water Soluble & 100% absorbable
  • Contains Over 400 Naturally Occurring Biological Compounds 
  • Contains Prebiotics
  • Pet Friendly
  • No Sodium Benzoate
  • Comes In Lemon & Berry (Infused with açaí) Flavors 


  • Organically Sourced
  • 400 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Water Soluble & 85% absorbable
  • Contains Over 400 Naturally Occurring Biological Compounds
  • Comes In Cinnamon & Berry Flavors

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Questions about products, questions about the company Zilis, or any other questions: Fill out the form and I will get back with you.  Thank you!

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Shelly Hamilton, RN

Shelly Hamilton, RN

Hi, thank you for visiting my site!  I am a nurse who has been taking the Zilis Hemp/Cbd Oil for almost a year (since Oct 2017) and have experienced some amazing results.  I used to have migraines a 2-3 times a week.  Since being on the hemp oil I have not had one headache!  My back pain is much better and I have more energy!  I want to help others to get healthy and feel better.  Take the 7 day challenge and email me and tell me about your results!

*Do you want to help people and have the potential for an amazing income?  Join this quality, "pay it forward" company.  Zilis has natural, organic health & wellness products!  Contact me for info about how to become an independent distributor today! 


**ZILIS is a pay it forward company.  For every $1 spent ZILIS provides 1 days worth of nutrition for a child in a third world country. Currently this is being done in Haiti with plans to expand to other countries in the near future.

Recently the company has also been providing prenatal vitamins for pregnant mothers who can't afford them.  

I love the pay it forward aspect of the the company.  They truly are about helping others!