A New Adventure

I have a renewed passion, a new venture, AND, I have a brand new website!  My website is staywellwithshell.com Let me tell you a little about me and this new adventure I am on and yes, I mean adventure!  I am very excited about this new path that that I am traveling.  My name is Shelly and I am a nurse with a passion for helping people.  For years I have worked in traditional nursing jobs and have had done many interesting things during my career. Lately, I have felt like I was needing something new.  I am still working in a hospital setting, but now I am also working with a company called Zilis.  Zilis is a company that makes incredible, natural, organic health and wellness products AND feeds malnourished children in third world companies.  This kind of thing "lights my fire"!

As I am using my passion for people and combining it with my entrepreneurial side I feel a renewed excitement.  The road ahead is wide open......wide open to new potential and possibilities!  Sometimes we need something new to reignite our zest for life.  I am sure most of us have felt somewhat stagnant at some point in our lives......looking for something new or a little bit different.  Well, I am here to tell you that when you find that "something" you will know it.  Since the New Year is right around the corner it seems an appropriate time for starting the new.  Don't get me wrong, I am not talking about New Year's resolutions that most of us make, and then in a few weeks are forgotten.  I am talking about REALLY starting something new; something that takes us on a new and exciting path for the years to come!

Are you too ready for something new?  I challenge you, as this new year is starting, to think about what really excites you. What really gets that something inside you going?  Life is too short to live the status quo.  Get up and get going! Search inside yourself and find what it is that will give you a new enthusiasm for life in 2018.  

Just my thoughts on this day before New Year's Eve 2018.

Happy New Year!!

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