Helping Others

I have taken a break from blogging due to some family issues.  I have been helping to care for my 99 year old Aunt Mae and my Mother whom I recently moved from Florida up to Indiana.  It has been a good thing to have her closer to me as she has some health issues.  And, yes, I have started her on the Zilis hemp oil.  It does help her back pain. I wanted to get back to blogging a bit, in part, because I am so excited about the number of people that I have been able to help by introducing them to Zilis Hemp Oil. I also wanted to get back to blogging because I want you who come to my website to be able to get a little glimpse of who I am.  

My heart has always been with helping people.  From the age of 10, I have always known that I was going to be a nurse.  I remember through the years in school when they would ask us students what we wanted to do when we grew up I always knew what to say.  "I am going to be a nurse" I would say.  Helping and caring has always been a part of who I am.  That is why I am so excited about about hemp oil now becoming such a widely accepted and used natural supplement.  Before I started with Zilis I didn't know about the endocannabinoid system that was discovered in the 1990's (the mainstream medical community is not taught about this).  It is a system in our body that actually has receptors for cannabinoids that are contained in the hemp plant........pretty clear proof that the hemp plant was put on this earth for us to use to keep us healthy.  I encourage you to go to the company page to read more about the scientific evidence and studies that have been done on the benefits of the hemp plant.  

Zilis is now the number #1 selling hemp/cbd oil in the nation!  The reasons for this are many.  Our oil is pure, organic, and industrial grown (in Colorado). Zilis uses the whole hemp plant (not just the seeds as many companies do).  It contains no chemicals or pesticides AND ,unlike most other cbd oils, it is water soluble; therefore, it is much more bioavailable......meaning MUCH more of it is absorbed into your system.  

In my first blog post in January I said I had been taking Zilis ultra cell for a few months and had not had one migraine headache since.  Well, it has now been almost a year and I take it daily and I have not had one migraine since I have been taking it!  To me this is so amazing!  I have heard so many testimonials from people regarding the health benefits they have received from taking it.  Here are just a few:

"Ultracell is my number one favorite product.  Our whole family uses it on a daily basis and that is something I can't ever imagine being without."    Sandy, Texas

"When I had my two kids, I did not want to do much...Now I'm back to m normal self.  I'm happy and I'm back to being Kate."   Kate, Illinois

"I started taking it and, over the period of a month the change was noticeable.  It's amazing and I'll be taking it for the rest of my life."    Joel, Illinois

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the products on my website and I am glad to get back with you.  I challenge you to give this incredible product a try.  You have nothing to lose and possibly so much to gain!  


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